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I’ve finally branched out in my sewing endeavors and have tried a few things beyond quilts! I was inspired by a class offered last winter at JP Knit & Stitch, a local fabric and yarn shop. With guidance from the teacher, I completed my first shirt – the Jasmine blouse by Colette Patterns. This was my first class at JP Knit & Stitch,...
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Beginner Baby Quilt

Posted by on April 2, 2013
I’ve had the good fortune of becoming an aunt several times over. All of you aunts and uncles out there might relate. It’s an exciting role to fill. There’s more family to love, and adorable baby cheeks to pinch. But when there are problems, diapers need to be changed, or the crying won’t stop, you get to give them back to mommy...
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I am reaching the age where all of my friends are beginning to start families. Growing bellies abound and I imagine the distant sound of babies crying will soon follow. As a gift for the bundle(s) on the way, I thought a little hat to keep their keppele warm would be just the thing. I can never order off of a menu without at least one modification,...
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Me vs. The Moth

Posted by on April 11, 2010
Me vs. The Moth I used to work for a luxury sweater company when I was in NY. One of the benefits of this job was cashmere. Lots of cashmere. I have more sweaters than a girl should. Or rather, than a normal girl might have. I am very lucky, especially when the weather outside is blustery and Boston-like. The problem is that we have moths. Whenever...
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