At the farm
Hello, I’m Pia, a mid-30’s gal living in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. I like to experiment and see what I can cook up in my tiny new apartment kitchen which I share with Walter the wonder-dog, Betta fish named Fish Pepe le Bleu Iggy and a boyfriend husband named Mike. Sometimes I work on other crafty creations like knitting or crocheting. Lately I’ve discovered quilting with my new sewing machine and have attempted to sew my own clothes. I like Ruby Red grapefruits, cashmere, brown rice, most shades of blue and taking public transportation. I am sometimes indecisive and I recently added chicken and red meat back into my diet, after a 10+ year hiatus. This worked out well as I’ve more recently developed an extreme intolerance to dairy, which is likely related to having Crohn’s Disease. Many of the recipes here are vegetarian or vegan. I try to be understanding of different dietary needs and preferences. I am also trying to rework my recipes to accommodate the dairy-free lifestyle. By day I work in professional services marketing for a landscape architecture firm.

Mike and I share an attic-level apartment with sloped ceilings on the top floor of a 3-family house.  We have developed a unique kitchen rhythm where we can both cook and somehow not endanger each other with hot pans or sharp knives. bought our first home (a condo apartment, really) just over a year ago and love our new kitchen. The space is vastly larger than our previous kitchen. New Amenities include a gas stove, a dishwasher, and a walk-in pantry. I still get excited every time I walk into it.

Mike is a photographer and teacher who likes being my primary taste-tester, running, playing the guitar, books by Joseph Campbell and photographs by Alfred Steiglitz.

To get a better understanding of this blog, read about where it’s headed and my mission statement in this post.

You can contact me with questions, thoughts, recipe ideas, product review requests, etc. through the comment section on this blog or by email via  pia [at] breadandbeta [dot] com. I love to hear from you!

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